Leading European manufacturer of advanced facade, ceiling and wall systems based on architectural meshes and grids

Innovative systems and materials such as architectural meshes and grids are an interesting response to current trends in functional and minimalist design, adaptive architecture and sustainable construction. The innovative approach to facades, ceilings, walls and floors meets the pioneering aspirations of investors and designers. The versatility of applications and the possibility of individual, bespoke configurations encourage experimentation and creative transgression of established patterns.

Since 1988

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EN 1090 certification, ISO9001 and TUV

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An exceptionally wide range of products offers flexible solutions for every budget. The product range includes woven mesh, woven wire mesh, spiral mesh, perforated and expanded metal, and welded mesh made of round and profiled wires. Products are available in a variety of materials and finishes, mainly stainless and black steel, Pro-ZINAL®, copper and aluminium. Many years of experience, modern machinery, a dedicated R&D department, a pattern shop and a strength laboratory ensure repeatability to the highest standards.


The solutions are characterised by precision workmanship, professional and comprehensive technical support at every stage of the project in the form of an interdisciplinary and experienced team of professionals. PROGRESS ARCHITECURE is a proven partner in the realisation of ambitious visions and investment goals. For years it has been working with top design studios and investors in Europe and around the world. Many joint realisations have enriched the common space and are talked about loudly in the industry and behind the scenes. But all remain unique.

Design and sustainable construction

Architectural grids and grids are the most distinctive and functional design elements with incredible potential

Architectural meshes and grids have a unique aesthetic and modern design, effectively attracting the attention of the public. The openwork structure gives a spatial, expressive form. The elegance of steel and the richness of materials such as brass and copper create a unique, individual style. Appropriately selected patterns and carefully crafted details emphasise the exclusive character of the location and blend perfectly with the minimalist design. They enrich interiors and entire buildings, setting them apart from typical solutions.

Adaptive architecture

System solutions enable the modernisation of existing structures and facilities

Functional design

Aesthetic and decorative qualities with protective and safety functions

Customized solutions

Versatile applications and bespoke solutions

Cost effective operation

Materials resistant to weathering and mechanical damage

Environmental certification

EPD certified products support BREEAM or LEED certification

Multiple solutions

Unlimited possibilities for configuring solutions make each project unique and unrepeatable. In most cases, the process starts with the selection of the type of mesh or grid, the specific design and technical parameters, the choice of materials and finishes, and ends with the selection of the appropriate fixing system. The chosen design can be used in a wide range of applications, from facades, ceilings and walls to floors, fences and railings. This makes it possible to create multi-dimensional references between different design elements and achieve a unique design consistency.


PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE helps to optimise the energy efficiency of buildings using an openwork structure of meshes and grids. The installations do not require any environmentally harmful maintenance. Resistance to weathering and mechanical damage means that the freshness effect is counted in decades. Dedicated systems allow existing installations to be upgraded. The manufacturing process uses natural raw materials that are fully recyclable, and modern processing and energy management technologies allow the environmental impact to be naturalised.

Comprehensive design support

Our design approach is based on working closely with investors, architects, designers and installers

Our specialists not only provide support and advice throughout the project development process, but also offer training and develop the necessary materials. This allows us to provide comprehensive support at every stage of the project, from conception and planning through to detailed design and final acceptance of the investment. We are with you from start to finish, guaranteeing professional support and comprehensive solutions.

Design and planning

  • Optimal solutions
  • Trainings and education

Architectural design

  • Design Consulting
  • Technical details
  • CAD and BIM Library

Executive designs

  • Design specification
  • Execution setails
  • Budget estimation
  • Design solution specification

Tendering and negotiation

  • Quotation
  • Proposal drawings
  • Mock-ups and prototypes
  • Draft contract
  • Warranty conditions

Production and logistics

  • Implementation schedule
  • Deadline flexibility
  • Safe transport
  • Punctuality of delivery
  • Certification and Technical Declarations

Project execution

  • As-built documentation
  • Instruction manuals
  • Installation consultancy

Team & management

We are a team of experienced professionals, cohesive and ready for challenges.


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