Metal Design

New design studio created in cooperation with Sławomierm Golonko, which is a leading Polish manufacturer of mesh wire and wedge wire grids. We use both our own experience and the vast experience of Progress Architecture in leading architecture projects which are meant to transfer innovation directly from the world of architecture into our homes and gardens. Together we design solutions which are supposed to deliver high quality products characterized by unique aesthetics leading to modern architecture and designer pattern. Our mission is to create fully functional solutions of high standard which first of all meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Our products are based on:

1. Woven mesh and woven mesh with wires of different type of knots (Full variety of flexible solutions for architecture to be used both inside and outside of a building. It’s a great solution to cover walls, big surface of a building and facades . A great variety of knotsand dimensions of a wire enable unlimited playing with space, light and composition itself).

2. Grids of profile wire both flat and cylindrical (Made in high technology of electro slag welding characterized by high aesthetics and exceptional durability. It’s a perfect solution in safety. It combines a discipline of form with simplicity of a shape and offers a unique functionality and modern design).

3. Stainless steel ( It is becoming more and more popular in the world of architecture due to high resistance to corrosion, detergents and changes of temperature. It’ s also environment friendly. This extremely durable and practical material is characterized by high aesthetics and elegance). 

4. Stone ( granite and marble).

5. Wood (oak, marabou, alder)

6. Glass (laminated, tinted).

We use the best solutions in finishing the surface of the metal sheets (pickling and passivation, shot penning, electro polishing); stone (polishing, brushing); wood (painting, leaching, varnishing, tinting).

Our products are characterized by high aesthetics, modern design, interesting solutions and innovation in using typically industrialmaterials with decorative purposes.