The wire meshes and grilles we manufacture are practical response to the growing expectations of contemporary architecture

Manufacturer of architectural wire meshes

Progress Architektura has for more than 20 years designed and manufactured steel wire meshes and grilles that respond to the expectations of contemporary architecture. They provide new spatial, aesthetic, and functional effects. They combine unique design with versatility of applications. At the same time our extensive experience in the manufacture of industrial screens for filtration and separation lets us employ in the manufacturing process the most advanced technologies that ensure exceptional durability and precision of all our products.



We employ over 200 persons, and we have three production plants in Poland, own companies in Germany and the Czech Republic, and an extensive network of trade representatives and partners throughout Europe and in the world markets. Our activities focus on two strategic areas.

Architecture and Capital Expenditure Projects

For two decades, together with leading design offices, we implement ambitious architectural projects using our wire meshes and grilles.

Products for Home and Garden  

We consistently launch, one after another, our system solution in the form of gabion and panel fencing , gabions, balustrades and balconies, as well structural landscaping elements.

Innovations from the World of Architecture

We actively leverage on our rich experience in the implementation of ambitious architectural projects, incorporating innovations from the world of architecture directly in our homes and gardens. Together with architects we design solutions with a view to providing the highest quality products with exceptional aesthetic qualities that allows to stand out by means of fashionable architecture and original design. The idea of our designers is to create fully functional, commercially available systems that meet all norms and standards, but above all the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

The highest quality of our products has been confirmed by international certificates, as well as patents and utility models. At the same time we are open to new ideas and proposals that discount the technological capabilities of our company.



Owing to the experience in the implementation of ambitious architectural projects, we now make the most interesting solutions available for you.

Quality builds trust

Our goal is to provide the highest quality of innovative products, manufactured on the basis of advanced manufacturing technologies and state of the art stock of machines. We have a professional and experienced team of designers and qualified engineers. This is confirmed by our warranty policy and dynamically growing customer base throughout Europe and the world.

Support creates relationships

We ensure comprehensive service and personalized technical support for our Clients and Partners at every step of the order fulfilment. Sharing our knowledge and experience we help in the optimal selection of system options and execution variants, as well as the proper installation, maintenance, and operation. Thus we ensure an extended period of use of our products.



Our brand has always been associated with innovation, high aesthetics, and exceptional durability in everyday use.

Ecology and social responsibility

The use of natural resources, reduction of the ecological footprint of manufacturing processes, and recyclability make our products environment friendly. As a participant in social life we engage your energy, time, and resources also in non-commercial activities. By sports sponsoring and support for cultural and artistic events we can accomplish something more than our own business goals. We actively participate in charities and local social initiatives. Pursuing their own goals and aspirations we improve our entire organization, while nurturing sensitivity and social responsibility.

Creativity is the force which broadens horizons.
Professionalism is the pillar supporting this entire process.